PragueBiennalePhoto 3

Photography, Reconstructed



Cutated by Pavel Vančát

Prague Biennale Photo 3 is titled Photography, Reconstructed. It aims to capture the current non-figurative tendencies, as reactions to the decline of modern photography. Instead of simply capturing reality, the exhibited artists work with the deconstruction and reconstruction of the modernist photographic image. The picture here is not simply being shot, but built up as a commentary to the image or even its critique. 



Miriam Böhm

Shannon Finley

Chris Jones

Barbara Kasten

Václav Kopecký

Markéta Othová

Jaroslav Rössler

Mateusz Sadowski

Jörg Sasse

Petr Strouhal

Jan Svoboda feat. Dalibor Chatrný

Jiří Thýn

Aleksandra Vajd & Hynek Alt

Marianne Vierø



Prague Biennale 6 / Prague Biennale Photo 3 Catalogue

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