Curated by Zuzana Blochová and Patricia Talacko

Deliberately poetic and anti-analytical, Flow does not define generational or local connections in the current trends of contemporary art. Rather than being similar in content and form, what the artists have in common is their ability to let oneself be carried away and to suppress the intellectual, logical and speculative part of thinking which in turn gives a unique integrity to the works.



Quirin Bäumler

Dirk Bell

Matyáš Chochola

Václav Girsa

Milan Grygar

Čestmír Kafka

Stanislav Karoli

Barbara Kasten

Esther Kläs

Erwin Kneihsl

Bernhard Lehner

Jonas Lipps

Elizabeth Newman

Pavel Pepperstein

Matteo Rovesciato

Richard Stipl

Viktorie Valocká

Lenka Vítková

Dominic Wood

B. Wurtz




Prague Biennale 6 / Prague Biennale Photo 3 Catalogue

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