Beyond the Art


Curated by Mira Sikorová-Putišová

“In view of the plurality of contemporary art styles and tendencies, it would be counterproductive to try to precisely characterize the content of contemporary artistic practice, or to unequivocally determine its scope of activity. Labeling as art the tangible results produced by artists – artworks “sanctified” by gallery presentation – is no longer sufficient. A considerable part of contemporary artistic production makes no demands on inclusion within the institutional framework, the artists concerned do not consider it an agent of affirmation or a means of acquiring the hallmark of quality.” (extract from the catalogue essay)



Anton Čierny

Katarína Hládeková

Jana Kapelová

Daniela Krajčová

Michal Murin

Lucia Nimcová

Štefan Papčo

Tomáš Rafa

Tomáš Šoltys

Matej Vakula

Jaroslav Varga




Prague Biennale 6 / Prague Biennale Photo 3 Catalogue

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